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Meeting with PPISB Management and Staff
Halal bi Halal with ICAIOS Family
13 July 2016
PDS : Aceh Next's Tsunami
Speaker : Dr. Saiful MAhdi | 03 June 2016
Iftar with ICAIOS Family
19 June 2016
GLS: How Islamic are Islamic Countries?
Speaker: Prof. Yusny Saby | 8 April 2016
Studium General : Do NGO Contribute to the Building of Democracy
with Jovanie C. Espesor | 27 May 2016
GLS : Industri Nilam Aceh
Speaker : Dr. Syaifullah Muhammad, ST., M.Eng | 27 May 2016
GLS : Jejak Yahudi di Aceh
Speaker : Teuku Cut Mahmud Aziz | 20 May 2016
Meeting with guest from German Embassy
with Jens Schuering | 25 May 2016
GLS: Scraps of Hope: Combining Street Ethnography, Life Histories and Film Documentarism to Document Everyday in Post-Tsunami Banda Aceh
with Dr. Marjaana Jauhola | 22 January 2016
Urbanisme Warga | Jalan-Jalan Tanyoe
Wisata edukasi pembuatan garam tradisional, Gampong Baet | 9 April 2016

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