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03 July 2017
Meeting with guest from German Embassy
with Jens Schuering | 25 May 2016
Meeting with Delegation from Oberlin Shansi
ICAIOS Seminar Room | 12 April 2017
ICAIOS Researchers Participated on Pilot Training : Introduction to Geology for Spatial Planning
Organized by Georisk-BGR Germany and PPSDM Geologi, Mineral dan Batu Bara | 13 - 17 March 2017 | Mason Pine Hotel, Padalarang
Visiting Diplomat Discussion : Keberagaman Agama
with David Saperstein | 26 October 2016
Syiah Kuala University | 8-9 August 2016
Graphic Design for Academics and Office Needs Workshop
With Pratitou Arafat | 22 December 2016
ICAIOS at Field Trip Project Asia Closing Ceremony
with Japan Foundation | 12 March 2017 | Tsunami Museum
PDS #57 : What is your goal orientation? Would you share knowledge to others?
with Irma Suryani | 26 October 2017 | prof. Anthony Reid Seminar Room, ICAIOS
Visitation from Asia Pacific Institute of Research
with Dr. Mempei Hasyashi and Mizan Bisri | 23 November 2016
Urbanisme Warga | Wet-wet Gampong
Menyusuri Jejak Turki di Gampong Bitai | 15 Juli 2017
ICAIOS's Meuramin
Every Wednesday | ICAIOS Lawn
Meeting with delegation of Japan Foundation
ICAIOS Seminar Room | 28 Ferbruary 2017
Urbanisme Warga | Wet-wet Gampong
Belajar Seni dan Bencana di Gampong Punge Blang Cut | 04 March 2017
GLS : Indonesian Islamic Performance in the context of an Indian Ocean Sound-World
with Anne K. Rasmussen | 13 April 2017 | ICAIOS Seminar Room
Movie Screening and Discussion #2 : Mohabbatein
with Dr. M. Saleh Sjafei, S.H., M.Si | Thursday, 27 July 2017 | ICAIOS Seminar Room
Rangkang Manyang ICAIOS XIV : Tata Kelola E-Journal dan Publikasi Ilmiah
28 September 2017 | prof. Anthony Reid Seminar Room, ICAIOS
ICAIOS Bersama Warga dalam "Festival Minuman Nipah"
Gampong Pande | 06 Agustus 2017 | Urbanisme Warga
Meeting with Delegation from Kemenristekdikti
ICAIOS Seminar Room | Rabu, 24 May 2017 | 15.30 WIB
ICAIOS Researchers at Bhinneka Kota
Kota Tua, Jakarta | 08 April - 14 Mei 2017 | by RUJAK Center for Urban Studies
ICAIOS at Open is the New Smart : Making Cities Work for Citizen
with Open Data Labs, RUJAK, Jakarta Smart Cities | Goethe Haus | 07 March 2017

icaios-gray cpda

(Code: TAF/World Bank Project)

ICAIOS external reviewers have assessed the research proposals; please find the list of those proceeding to the next step of selection below:

  • Asrizal Luthfi : Analisis Penggunaan Tambahan Dana Bagi Hasil Migas (TDBH Migas) dan Dana Otonomi Khusus Provinsi Aceh / The Analysis of Additional Fund for Oil and Gas Revenue Sharing and Special Autonomy of Aceh Province
  • Azharsyah Ibrahim : Potensi Pemanfaatan Harta Wakaf Bagi Pembangunan Ekonomi Masyarakat Aceh / Potential Utilization of Wakaf for Economic Development of Aceh Society
  • Deddy Satria : Studi Profil Potensi dan Peran Kaum Perempuan Kepala Keluarga di Kabupaten Bireuen Pasca Perdamaian / The Study of Potential Profile and Role of Female Heads of Household in Bireun District During the Peace
  • Ibnu Mundir : Kesejahteraan Ekonomi, Stres Pasca Trauma, dan Deprivasi Relatif pada Penduduk Dewasa di Kabupaten Aceh Utara / Economic Welfare,  Post Trauma Stress and Relative Deprivation in Adult Citizens in Aceh Utara District
  • Jen Surya : Akomodasi Pembangunan Ekonomi Pasca Konflik dalam Mengisi Perdamaian Aceh (Studi Pendekatan Kebijakan Melalui MOU, UUPA, dan Qanun) /Economic Development Post Conflict in the Aceh Peace Process
  • Maini Sartika : Konflik Sosial yang Muncul Akibat Perluasan Perkebunan kelapa Sawit di Kabupaten Simeulue dan Pengaruhnya terhadap Kesejahteraan Masyarakat / The Appearance of Social Conflict During Extension of Palm Oil Plantations in Simeulue Distric and it's Impact on Community Welfare 
  • Rahmat Pramulya : Perilaku Ekonomi Rumah Tangga dan Perumusan Value Chain Conflict Sensitivity (Studi Kasus pada Mantan Kombatan Konflik Aceh) / Economic Behaviour of Households and the Formulation of Value Chain Conflict Sensivity  

The above-mentioned names will present their research proposals on 24-25 February (invitation and details will be sent separately).
We appreciate your contribution and for sending us your research proposals. For our learning, in the near future, ICAIOS will organize a workshop on Reviewing Research Proposals and will invite those who participated in the Economic Development and Peace Training. More details will be announced shortly.
Thank you very much.
Our warmest regards,

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