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Anthony Reid
Prof. Anthony Reid | Australian National University (ANU)
Anthony Reid was a member of ANU's former Department of Pacific & Asian History from 1970 1999, after an initial position teaching Southeast Asian History at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur (1965-70). In 1999 he became founding Director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at UCLA, Los Angeles, and in 2001 founding Director of the Asia Research Institute of NUS in Singapore.  He retired to Canberra in 2009, though accepting visiting positions at the Centre for Southeast Asian Studies at Kyoto University (2009-10), and at the Wissenschaftskollegzu Berlin (2012-13). He was honoured with the Fukuoka Prize for Asian Culture (Academic) in 2002 and the Life Achievement Award of the Association of Asian Studies in 2011. He has been a member of the Australian Academy of Humanities since 1987 and the British Academy since 2008.

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Apridar | Rector of Malikussaleh University, ex-officio

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Farid Wajdi | Rector of IAIN Ar-Raniry, ex-officio

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R. Michael Feener | National University of Singapore (NUS)
R. Michael Feener is Research Leader of the Religion and Globalization Research Cluster at the Asia Research Institute, and Associate Professor of History at the National University of Singapore. Previously he taught at Reed College, and the University of California, Riverside. He has also held visiting professor positions and research fellowships at Kyoto University, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris), the University of Copenhagen, The Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art (Honolulu), and the International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) in Leiden. Born in Salem, Massachusetts, he was trained in Islamic Studies and foreign languages at Boston University as well as in Indonesia, Egypt, and the Yemen. His books include Shari`a and Social Engineering: The Implementation of Islamic Law in Contemporary Aceh, Muslim Legal Thought in Modern Indonesia, Shiism and Beyond: Alid Piety in Muslim Southeast Asia (with Chiara Formichi), Proselytizing and the Limits of Pluralism in Contemporary Asia (with Juliana Finucane), From the Ground Up: Perspectives on Post-Tsunami and Post-Conflict Aceh (with Patrick Daly & Anthony Reid), Mapping the Acehnese Past (with Patrick Daly & Anthony Reid), Islamic Connections: Muslim Societies of South and Southeast Asia (with Terenjit Sevea), Islamic Law in Contemporary Indonesia: Ideas and Institutions (with Mark Cammack), and Islam in World Cultures: Comparative Perspectives.
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Roger Toll

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Samsul Rizal | Rector of Syiah Kuala University, ex-officio

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