PDS#97 Designing Recovery Strategy in Managing Supply Chain Risks from Natural Disasters and COVID-19 Pandemic for Indonesian NGOs




The crisis between handling the COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters has been a significant threat worldwide, especially for developing countries like Indonesia.  The activities of the humanitarian aid supply chain when a natural disaster occurs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, have several unmanaged risks. This study specifically identifies risks that occur in the supply chain of humanitarian aid for disaster victims from Humanitarian NGOs in Aceh province. This study uses case-study-based research with mixed methods, where quantitative analysis is used to analyze prioritized risks, and qualitative research is used to create the framework of recovery strategies. The identification of possible risks is made using literature review, several news articles evaluation, and discussions with experts. The results show that there are 35 risk events and 30 risk agents identified in the humanitarian aid supply chain for disaster victims in Aceh during COVID-19 Pandemic. From the Pareto diagram, there are three risk agents identified with the highest Aggregated Potential Risk (APR) value. They are Natural Conditions, Health, and Changes in Department policies. The recovery strategies are built in the form of an AURA framework for a long-term perspective's solution. These recovery strategies are expected to be used not only for COVID-19 threats but also for other long-term disruptions or crises that might occur in the future.


keluarga relasi kuasal di Aceh


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